Do you conduct surveys or other research where one of the answer choices is “Not Applicable” or NA? We want to let you know that we heard you and Remark Office OMR 8 can now appropriately handle those NA responses. A new feature in the Remark Office OMR Template Editor lets you tell the software which of your response labels is the “NA” label. Then in Remark Quick Stats, you tell the software whether you want NA responses to be included in the statistics or to show them in the counts, but exclude them in the percentages and means.

When you upgrade to version 8, take advantage of this new feature by simply opening your existing form template or creating a new form template in the Template Editor. When you set up the OMR region with your “NA” answer choice, choose its corresponding label in the list called “NA Label.” Scan your forms as usual. Then go into Remark Quick Stats and choose Tools|Preferences. On the General tab, mark the checkbox for “Report the number of NA choices, but do not include these in the statistics.” Then run your reports. You will see the NA answer choices in the various flavors of Item Analysis reports, but they will not be calculated in your percentages and means. You can change the look of the NA choice in each individual report’s properties by clicking Tools|Report Properties. While you’re there, don’t forget how to check out the two new reports: Basic Item Analysis Report and Question Mean Report.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, and as always, if you have any questions or suggestions, let us know!