We’re thrilled to bring you the latest updates to Remark Test Grading, designed to make your test administration experience smoother than ever. Let’s delve into the exciting new features and enhancements:

New Feature:

  1. Answer Key Import from CSV:
    • We’ve introduced a convenient feature that allows you to import answer keys directly from a CSV file. Simply navigate to the answer key action menu and upload your CSV file containing the list of correct answers for each question. The format is straightforward: list the correct answers on separate lines, using commas (,) to denote multiple correct options and a plus (+) to indicate that all listed answers are required. For instance:
      • A
      • A,B (Either A or B is considered to be a correct response)
      • D
      • D+E (Both D and E are required to be considered a correct response)
      • C

Other Improvements:

  1. Recognition Updates for Compressed Images:
    • We’ve enhanced our form recognition capabilities, particularly when reading images that are compressed. To ensure optimal performance, remember to print test forms uncompressed (at full size in your PDF reader without any fit options enabled).
  2. Online Session Data Accessibility:
    • Administering tests online? We resolved an issue where the Sessions button sometimes failed to enable, especially when dealing with a large list of students or expired sessions.
  3. Zoomed-in Search Functionality:
    • Editing class rosters is now hassle-free. We’ve resolved an issue where the search function failed to display students properly when the display was zoomed in, preventing users from accessing essential buttons.

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