Gravic’s Remark Products Group is pleased to announce the availability of Remark Office OMR 7! Remark Office OMR 7’s flexibility and functionality sets new standards for plain paper scanning solutions. We are continually looking to improve our products based on new technology available, customer feedback and internal innovation. This latest version of Remark Office OMR builds on the popular version 6 and has incorporated many enhancements and new features asked for by our customers.

Among the many enhancements for this version is the inclusion of OCR (optical character recognition), providing the ability to read machine printed characters on forms. Our mark recognition algorithms have been improved to allow the recognizing of missing/damaged marks, supporting of deskew and despeckle functions and to support color and grayscale scanning. Other powerful new features include; the ability to code open-ended questions (qualitative coding), the ability to use ranking questions, support for many new barcode types including 2-D barcodes, the ability to encode multiple pieces of data in a single barcode and many more. In addition, the software works in conjunction with Remark Web Survey® to automatically convert paper forms to HTML and integrate paper and online surveys.

Remark Office OMR includes Remark Quick Stats®, an analysis component, which tabulates surveys, grades tests and generates reports and graphs. A Report Batch Wizard has been added to allow printing, exporting and generating multiple reports. The Report Batch Wizard can be configured to auto filter reports based on data fields for applications such as course evaluations. This allows you to create separate reports automatically based upon the various values of a variable (such as instructor name or course number in the case of a course evaluation).

Additionally, version 7 includes an answer key utility so test answer keys can be generated outside of Remark Quick Stats, and allows users to save custom report headers for different answer keys. For test grading, support for extra credit questions has been added and learning objectives can now be imported into the Grade Wizard from a database or spreadsheet.

We are certain that current Remark Office OMR users will find version 7 to be a great improvement , providing more power and flexibility than ever before. Users of version 6 can upgrade for only $350. New customers can purchase a copy of this new version for $995. Please call our sales staff at 1.800.858.0860, or email sales with any questions you may have.

We hope you like Remark Office OMR version 7. As always keep those comments and suggestions coming!