February 27, 2018

How to Create a Multiple Choice Test Answer Sheet in Word for Remark Office OMR

Making a multiple choice test in Word for Remark Office OMRRemark Office OMR allows extreme flexibility in building your own customized forms for tests, surveys and any other paper forms. In the video below, we walk you through creating a simple 50-question multiple choice test answer sheet in Microsoft Word®. Word is a very flexible and easy-to-use solution for creating forms for Remark Office OMR. We offer several fonts to assist with your form creation including OMR Bubbles, OMR Checkboxes, OMR Squares, and Code 3 of 9 Barcode. These fonts automatically install in your Windows font directory when you install Remark Office OMR, or you can manually download them here. For your answer bubbles you can also use a capital O in the Arial font, at the recommended size of 10-14. We always recommend using tables in Word when possible, as it simplifies adjusting your form for spacing and adding/removing items in the future. We offer a variety of sample forms that are available for you to download on our sample form page. The files available for download are the Word document, PDF file and Demo files (including the Remark Office OMR template and completed scanned images). These sample forms can give you a great foundation for creating your own forms. Please note: When creating forms for use with Remark Office OMR, make sure to follow our form design best practices and take advantage of our free form review service from our exceptional support team. For more information on Remark Office OMR please view the whitepaper, download a free working demo or sign up for a webinar. For more videos and ideas on how to use Remark Office OMR, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

February 20, 2018

Using Remark Office OMR to Collect Data from Time Sheets

Processing paper time sheets can be a very labor intensive task, but is a necessity for many organizations. Simplify your time sheet process by setting up a paper form that can be automatically tabulated by Remark Office OMR. Whether you need to track your employees or contractors hours daily or weekly, you can set up a scannable form that can be read by Remark Office OMR. You can create your time sheet form in Word, Excel or other word processing applications according to our form design best practices. Once you have completed your draft of your form, feel free to send it in to our support team for a free form review. Once your form is ready to go, you can print them on regular paper to distribute to your employees and contractors. Collect the completed forms and scan them using any image scanner, multifunction printer or imaging device (e.g. phone with scanning app) into Remark Office OMR. Remark Office OMR will tabulate the hours submitted on your time sheets and allow you to review the scanned data on screen. You can easily export your timesheet data to Excel, Access, CSV, SQL and a variety of other file types for easy importing into your payroll system. Below is a sample form formatted for Remark Office OMR, showing a simple employee time sheet that tracks the number of hours worked each day. You can see several areas on this sample time sheet form including:

  • A machine printed employee name which can be added in Microsoft Word using the mail merge feature. This area will be read using the OCR (optical character recognition) feature in Remark Office OMR that reads machine printed text.
  • The date is another example of an area that can be added with a mail merge and processed using OCR.
  • The barcode is a code 3 of 9 barcode, which installs in your Windows font directory when you install Remark Office OMR or you can manually download it here. This value could be a specific project, location or other data you wish to have on your timesheets. If it is a variable option based on the employee you can set it up in a mail merge as well, or if it is a static value you can just enter it while creating your form.
  • The bubble-in area for the hours reporting is set up using a scale of half hour increments, organized by day. The employee will enter the total amount of hours worked each day. Remark Office OMR can output the hours worked each day and also the total hours worked in a week (using an Add field where it tabulates the values across the days entered). These bubble-in areas are processed using the OMR (optical mark recognition) engine in Remark Office OMR.
  • The employee signature area can be captured as an image clip to show employee sign off on their time sheet. Remark Office OMR will capture a snapshot of a defined area and will output those images in the comment reports built into Remark Quick Stats, the software's built-in analysis and reporting engine.
Employee Timesheet for Remark Office OMR(more…)

January 17, 2018

Exhibiting at the #FETC Conference in Orlando, FL


From January 24 to 26, Gravic will be exhibiting at the FETC conference in Orlando, FL. We hope you can stop by and check out our latest version of Remark Test Grading Cloud.  With Remark Test Grading Cloud, educators can build custom test answer sheets, print them on regular paper and scan them using any imaging device (scanners, multifunction printers and mobile scanning apps). Completed test images can be emailed to the cloud or uploaded for easy grading. Educators can receive test grading reports via email or view them in the cloud. The reports produced show student, class and test performance. Grades can also be easily exported to your gradebook or learning management system.

While at the booth, please feel free to ask our booth staff about the upcoming Remark Office OMR 10 release.

Please stop by Gravic’s booth #2140 to request a free teacher license of Remark Test Grading Cloud, while also entering for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

This year’s conference will be held at the Orange County Convention Center located in Orlando, FL. You can stop by our booth during the following expo hours:
• Wednesday 12pm-6pm
• Thursday 8:30am-5pm
• Friday 8:30am-2pm

You can register for a free expo-only pass to FETC 2018, using the code GRAVIC18. This promo code expires 1/22/18. You can register with the code here.

We look forward to seeing you at the show! If you are unable to attend the show, you still have the opportunity to try our remarkable technology by requesting a free trial of Remark Test Grading Cloud. You can also participate in a live chat with our sales team to discuss your needs.

The Remark Software Team

Remark Test Grading Cloud

December 21, 2017

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Everyone at Gravic wants to wish you the happiest of holidays. We are so grateful to you, our customers, for your loyalty over the years. 2018 will mark Remark Office OMR's 27th birthday! We are very proud of this accomplishment and are so grateful for all of the customers who have provided such valuable feedback over time to make it the product it is today. We look forward to continuing to meet, and exceed, your needs in the upcoming year. Please note our holiday hours:

  • Monday, December 25th: Closed
  • Tuesday - Friday December 26 - 29th: Normal business hours of 9am-6pm EST
  • Monday, January 1st: Closed
  • Tuesday, January 2nd: Normal business hours resume
Warm Regards, The Remark Products Group Gravic, Inc. Happy Holidays from the Remark Products Group of Gravic , Inc.

December 13, 2017

Multiple Test Versions in Remark Test Grading Cloud

Calling all Remark Test Grading Cloud users! You already know you can create flexible answer sheets with the application. But did you know that Remark Test Grading Cloud allows you to work with multiple versions of a test? If you distribute two or more versions of the same test, with the questions in a different order, you can design an answer sheet that allows students to bubble in their test version. Then Remark will match the tests to the corresponding answer key and produce grade results based on each version. You can add up to five test versions in the test designer under Design Settings. To see this feature in action, click here.

Creating multiple test versions in Remark Test Grading CloudMultiple Test Versions Happy testing!