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Since 1991, Remark Office OMR has been the world's leading software product for collecting data from tests, surveys, assessments, evaluations and other OMR ("fill in the bubble") forms. Working with your existing office equipment, this powerful product is designed to be a flexible, easy-to-use tool for capturing data from your plain-paper forms. The software provides informative reports for educators, researchers, evaluators, and other professionals. With tens of millions of forms processed by over 75,000 customers in 130+ countries around the world, the Remark Office OMR software is the product your colleagues turn to for their data collection needs! Learn more about the product or try it yourself by downloading a free demo now.

Looking for other types of data collection? Gravic also has solutions for traditional OMR forms, web surveys, K-12 test grading, and more. Find out more about our full line of software products.

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Remark customers come from many different professions and use the software for many different tasks. See below how your peers are using our software in your market or visit our case study pages.

K-12 Education

Remark Office OMR, Remark Test Grading Edition and Remark Classic OMR help thousands of schools worldwide collect and analyze data from tests, quizzes, exams, surveys, ballots, and many other forms. Print your own test sheets with Remark Office OMR and Remark Test Grading Edition. Scan with an image scanner or multifunction printer.

Higher Education

Whether you are scanning paper tests and forms or collecting data online, Remark products give you the tools you need to get your results quickly. Create and print your own tests, assessments, surveys, course evaluations and other plain-paper forms with Remark Office OMR. Create and administer online surveys and forms with Remark Web Survey on your website.


Remark Office OMR and Remark Web Survey can help you collect and analyze data from a variety of offline and online healthcare applications. Collect and analyze data from patient satisfaction surveys, training evaluations, personnel assessments and a variety of paper or online forms.


Gravic's Remark products are widely used by federal and local government agencies and institutions throughout the world. Create and print your own surveys, assessments, ballots and other plain-paper forms for easy scanning into Remark Office OMR for analysis. Combine paper and online forms for research projects to reach varying demographics.


Gravic’s Remark products help many non-profit organizations with their survey, evaluation and other data collection needs. Collect data from paper and online surveys, conference evaluations and other form with Remark Office OMR and Remark Web Survey. Combo offline and online forms for maximum response rates.


Remark products give you what you need to keep your business competitive. Remark Office OMR can automate your plain-paper survey, evaluation, assessment, timesheet, safety form and other form data collection. Create and administer online surveys and other web forms on your website with Remark Web Survey.