Remark Test Grading for Windows


  • Save Thousands of Dollars
    • Print your own answer sheets – No special paper required
    • Use existing hardware (image scanners or multifunction printers)
      • Stop maintaining special machines that can only read expensive test forms
      • Turn any image scanner or MFP into a test scoring system
    • Save Teachers Time Grading and Provide Comprehensive Test Analysis
      • Teachers can scan their test sheets and have them automatically graded- No more manual data entry
      • Use for tests, exams, quizzes and other assessments
      • Create your own test answer sheets or use the pre-defined answer sheets included with the software
      • Include math questions with grids for entering numbers, decimals and fractions
      • Forms include a subjective area for grading essays, short answer or other written answers
      • Built-in test grading reports show student, class and item performance on the test
      • Easily export your grades to gradebooks and student management systems
    • Easy to Use and Learn
      • Simple interface walks teachers through the testing process, with teachers only seeing the steps that are appropriate for where they are in the test grading process
      • Answer sheets can be personalized for each student or students can bubble in IDs
    • Reliability at its Core
      • Built on the industry leading framework of Remark Office OMR
      • For over 25 years the world’s most popular OMR software product!