Leading Indicator form - safe or at risk selectionJob site safety is of the highest priority regardless of what the job is or where it is located. To account for this requirement, many organizations require their workers to continually evaluate their work conditions, whether they are mandated by governmental agencies, themselves, or both. Oftentimes, such checks for leading indicators, PPE assessments, safety observations, and audits result in preventing potential problems from arising. However, the ordinary methods of assessing these safety forms tend to be either very costly or time consuming.

Why Remark?

Ordinarily, organizations will either hand write data from countless checklists, or pay a fortune to use specialty forms. With Remark Office OMR, your safety data collection can be faster than ever, at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. Utilize your time wisely and eliminate manual data entry. Save money and ditch expensive forms and dedicated hardware! Remark empowers you to collect your data immediately with any image scanner or multi-function printer (MFP), using plain (printer/copy) paper forms you create and print.

Here’s how it works:

Safety Cards and Forms: You create a form in Microsoft Word, or some alternative. Once it’s ready to go, just print it out on regular printer paper, and fill it out. We appreciate how rugged your job site may be, so we made it possible to fill out forms with various writing utensils and scan the forms in poor condition. Wrinkled or dirty forms don’t have to be filled out again.Safety Inspector filling out leading indicator forms to be scanned with Remark Office OMR

Scanning: Just open the template for that form in Remark Office OMR, throw the completed forms into the scanner, and scan. No specialized equipment required for the whole process. Leverage your existing image scanners or multi-function printers.

Analyzing and Exporting: Once the forms are scanned, you can run Remark Quick Stats, a built-in analysis program, to generate a variety of analysis reports. Or just export the data to one of many possible outputs, including Excel, Access, SQL Server, Oracle, CSV, and more. Use the exported data to feed your existing safety management and reporting systems.

Want more detail?

OMR is a process involving recognizing filled in marks on forms. Many OMR programs require special forms and scanners to accurately identify these marks and their locations. As a result, Safety observation fromthe price of forms can be very costly, let alone the price of a dedicated OMR scanner. Remark is a better alternative for this type of system. It identifies the location of marks based off of the visual layout of a blank form, just like a human grader would. As a result, Remark requires only a picture of the form, so any imaging scanner or multi-function printer will suffice.

Since 1991, Remark has led the plain paper OMR industry, covering tests, surveys, ballots, training evaluations, and more. Remark Office OMR has over 100,000 customers in 130+ countries.

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Make your own forms (Observations, assessments, audits, checklists, surveys, tests, evaluations, time sheets, and other forms)

In this video we show how to easily make your own behavioral based observation form in Microsoft Word.