Spring 2023 Remarkable Times Newsletter

By Nora Petchkofski, Director of Remark Product Operations

As we embark on a new year, we can’t help but look both backward and forward at what we’ve accomplished with our Remark products. And, wow, have we come a long way! From the original desktop version of Remark Office OMR, which by the way worked with scanners that scanned two pages per minute, to our cloud-based Remark Test Grading, we sure have accomplished a great deal. So that leads to the question, where are we headed next?

Many of you are using one of our
desktop products, particularly our flagship software Remark Office OMR. It may be old in years but it is continually refreshed with new and improved functionality. In fact, we are currently working on an update expected this summer with a major release planned for next year. The new version will include some commonly asked-for reporting enhancements, minor features, and a few requested fixes.

We are also working on new reporting to help with comparing test results, particularly in the area of pre/post-testing. With each new release, we review our recognition strategies to help you read those forms that may be less than ideal from an OMR standpoint. Along with the Remark Office OMR update, we expect to release a Remark Classic OMR update as well.

As a larger part of our user base becomes more comfortable with using our hosted offering, much of our focus over the last few years has been on our Remark Test Grading application. When COVID-19 struck, we had to change gears quickly to develop an online testing platform. Now that students are back in school, paper is back in fashion! Unfortunately, the pandemic left students and educators struggling with learning loss. We continue to update Remark Test Grading to meet the needs of busy instructors to combat this loss. Our reports provide detailed analysis to help identify areas of weakness and strength within a class and for individual students.

Remark Test Grading is updated regularly and the beauty of the cloud is that you don’t have to do anything to get the updates. When new functionality is added it is there as soon as you log in. No IT staff is needed! We most recently made changes to help streamline the use of the product, including the ability to share tests among instructors and the ability to create standard forms that are accessible to all of your users.

So, what’s on the horizon? We plan to update our integrations with popular learning management systems (LMS) and enhance our reporting options. We also want to ensure the grading capabilities are top-notch and have improvements planned for answer keys and corresponding functionality. As always, we will continue to monitor the data protection landscape to ensure we are going above and beyond to protect you and your student’s privacy. Contact us if you want to try this powerful product out for yourself.

Although we have been doing this for a long time, you know your needs better than us. We make the majority of changes to our products based on your feedback and welcome it at any time. If you see an email from me asking for some feedback, don’t be shy! Even if you don’t get an email, send us your feedback at [email protected] or fill out the feature request form in the product. We welcome your reviews too! We want to share the Remark products with others and what better way than to hear it from a colleague?

We wish you the very best in 2023 and look forward to continuing to build products that exceed your expectations.

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