Spring 2023 Remarkable Times Newsletter

Over the past few years we noticed a growing number of our education customers migrate some or all of their test grading functions to our Remark Test Grading application. Here are three common reasons customers move to this easy to use, hosted product.

One of the main reasons is that many schools are moving from a centralized grading process to a more distributed one. It is not uncommon that a school has IT, print shop, or test center personnel processing tests for instructors. This process is inefficient as it requires a lot of movement of paper. Test forms are first delivered to the instructor, and then the filled in forms are returned to the testing center. They are then scanned, graded, and finally, reports are sent to the instructor. This process often takes days or weeks.

With Remark Test Grading, each of the instructors can print and process their own tests using the nearest copier or scanner. Grades are quickly available and instructors can spend more time analyzing the data to better understand the knowledge of the class.

Another popular reason for the transition to Remark Test Grading is it integrates with popular Learning Management Systems such as Blackboard, Canvas, and Brightspace D2L. With this integration, grades are automatically updated in the gradebook, which eliminates the manual keying in of grades or having to import/export data files

Finally, from an IT perspective, a hosted application is so much easier to maintain. Once the account is set up, there is not much for the IT staff to do, as instructors manage their own tests. When updates are released, everyone automatically has access to these new features and there is nothing for your IT team to install!

If you’re interested in trying Remark Test Grading for your institution, please contact our sales team at [email protected]

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