We’ve been talking about the struggles for educators all year. Educators all over the United States are facing very tough challenges in terms of reopening their schools. In some states, educators are in school or already know that the expectation is to go into work following Thanksgiving. In others, educators are hard at work preparing to teach from home for the long haul. Some educators and parents, even at this moment with the school year just starting, are still left in the dark. However, an increasing number of communities are finding out they will have the daunting task of somehow teaching kids in school and out at the same time.

Call it what you will. Blended learning, hybrid model, the half in-half out approach. What it boils down to is more work than ever to maintain the same quality of education. Teachers faced with a blended learning environment are being asked to create two lessons per day, instead of one. (Follow the link for some tips on how to engage your students at home.) One for the students showing up to class, and one for the students remaining at home. Administrators are being asked to maintain records, grades, and contact with a split population while students are being asked to maintain the same levels of engagement while not being able to socialize. During this time, school districts can reinforce their educators with trusted educational technologies like Remark Test Grading Cloud to bridge the gap between at-home and in-class learning. 

With Remark Test Grading Cloud, teachers can print out custom-made paper assessments, and then assign those same assessments via an online quiz or fillable PDF. Scan paper assessments to have your students’ grades flow in or simply sit back and watch grades automatically update as students at home submit their assessments. When grading is completed, access detailed reports on any student, class, item, and test performance. Then, provide teacher feedback on the screen that can be printed or emailed to your students. The grades can be sent to your learning management system of choice as well.

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We wish all of you Remarkable Educators out there all the best as you navigate what is sure to be a unique and challenging year!