We are in a time of unprecedented uncertainty. With uncertainty comes new hurdles that require innovative solutions. During this pandemic this is truer in education than anywhere else in the country.

Each school district is currently hard at work drafting their own unique plans for reopening in the fall. No two plans look exactly alike, and no one can say whether these plans will need to be revised again should cases rise. The rumors about the new school year are too numerous to list them all, but here are a few.

  1. Schools stay entirely online.
  2. Schools follow a “half in half out” approach, where kids alternate the days they come in.
  3. Teachers come in and live-stream themselves for kids at home.
  4. In-school attendance becomes optional.
  5. Teachers are sent to the homes for the most vulnerable populations.
  6. School days are cut in half with teachers moving between classes, not students.
  7. Schools just reopen entirely but follow stricter cleaning regimens.

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In order to help schools during this difficult time, we are offering educators our Remark Test Grading Cloud for free until the end of the 2020 calendar year. You can request your free trial here. To get tips on using Remark Test Grading Cloud, make sure to check out our blog, follow our Twitter account, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.