In an effort to assist K-12 teachers get their grading completed quickly and efficiently, Gravic, Inc. is offering educators a free limited time trial subscription to its popular Remark Test Grading application. 

Remark Test Grading

Remark Test Grading is a hosted application for grading tests, quizzes and assessments. The application is typically used to create and print bubble sheets, which can be scanned and graded with any image scanner. This enables users at schools to print and scan their own answer sheets using the existing copiers and scanners available at the school.

Using Remark Test Grading’s online testing feature, you can create a customized online test that can include multiple choice questions, math questions and open response items such as short answers or essays. Tests can either be created as traditional answer sheets or the teacher can include question text and answer areas on the same form. Once an online test is created, teachers email students the link to complete the test. Students click the link to their test and complete it online. The online tests are automatically graded in Remark Test Grading using the answer key supplied by the teacher. Open response answers are reviewed online so teachers can grade them appropriately and even provide feedback on responses that are shown in the built-in test grading reports.

Remark Test Grading includes powerful reports on student, class and item performance on the test, and is great for diagnostic and formative assessment tasks, as well as for regular assessment. 

Gravic is offering all instructors with a valid email address from a K-12 school in the US or Canada the ability to request a limited time trial. Submit the form below or contact [email protected] or call 1-800-858-0860 to get your free account.  This offer is for individual instructors only.

Schools looking for school accounts should contact the Remark Team as above.

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