Picture of a classroom

The following is a guest blog post from Alan P., a public-school teacher in a large city school district who has written for us previously.

I miss my morning routine. Up at 5:30. Speed to work. Chug caffeine and inhale a breakfast bar. Set up my classroom for kids to arrive bright and early. It’s been over 89 days since I followed that routine, and I find myself longing for it. I miss my classroom, because it was mine alone and a reflection of me. I miss my students and watching them grow as young adults. I miss the smell of textbooks, and the taste of burnt break room coffee.

Now it’s unceremoniously over. Thousands of us went home one day, and were never allowed back to work. Our routines are a lot less colorful now. For most of us, it’s open laptop, stay seated, now close laptop. Of course, it could be worse. We could be any of the high school or college seniors, who suddenly had their school years cut short in March. No field trips, no saying goodbye to your friends and teachers, no proms, no graduations. Just a diploma in the mail.

But the plight of the at-home-teacher is a unique one in its own right. We navigated uncharted waters without a compass. We continually built an airplane in mid-flight. Like the carnival show, we spun dozens of plates without letting a single one shatter. We answered every email, attended every Zoom meeting, responded to every parent, and posted engaging lessons and assignments each and every day.

Yet the uncertainty continues. We’ve all heard muffled rumors though the grapevine about reopening. They’re as numerous as they are disconcerting. In these troubled times, Gravic’s Remark solutions are, as they always have been, a friend to teachers. When COVID-19 closed schools, Remark opened new opportunities in online based assessments. When it became foggy as to how education would continue, Gravic’s Remark Team made clear their commitment to teachers, and offered their Remark Test Grading Cloud solution for absolutely free.

As time continues, we all know that questions will inevitably rise up. But one thing you won’t have to question is the empathy Gravic will continue to have for teachers. If you’re in need of a fast, reliable, and proven assessment solution, you can try Remark Test Grading Cloud out now. Or, if you prefer, we can walk you through a webinar and discuss your needs with a team member, just sign up for a webinar here. Alternatively, if still have any remaining questions, Remark Support is available at [email protected] and +1.610.647.8595.