Picture of a classroom

The following is a guest blog post from Alan P., a public school teacher in a large city school district.

No one becomes a teacher thinking the job will be easy, but right now it sure does seem harder than ever. As an inner-city teacher myself, I understand how increasingly difficult it has become to balance work life with home life this past month. I, too, have had to adapt to the rapid transition from onsite to remote instruction. I have found myself among the list of teachers across the world who have been stripped of their tried-and-true textbooks, projectors, blackboards and printers. Instead, they have been replaced with new phone apps, devices, websites, and software with varying results. We as teachers feel professional pressures of knowing they have to meet the rigorous teaching standards set by ourselves, our schools, and of course the parents of the students we can no longer see face to face. We also have added personal stresses due to self-quarantining for weeks at home with our families, spouses, and kids. Nobody thought becoming a teacher would be this hard, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to make it a little easier.

Remark Test Grading Cloud is a solution that is currently being offered for free at a time when educators need it most. I can personally say that Remark is one of the quickest and most intuitive ways to both assign and instantly grade any tests, quizzes, or assessments as soon as your stay-at-home students complete them. This lets teachers worry less about the scoring of assignments, and more about the quality of their lessons.

Working from home is hard, and teaching is hard. Unfortunately, teachers are now being asked to do both while maintaining the same level of quality in their lessons as before COVID-19. But educators, as always, will rise to the challenge as we always have throughout history thanks to solutions like Remark Test Grading Cloud. Remark is helping teachers by creating a continuity of balance in our lives while we provide the continuity of learning that our students so desperately need and parents crave. Request your free subscription here.