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Welcome to the Remark Support Monthly Webinar Series. Remark support personnel will do a short webinar demonstrating one feature in our Remark products. It’s your time to see a feature in action and learn how and why it is used. We will answer your questions live. Each webinar will run approximately 30-60 minutes. Please note that the webinars generally cover very specific features and not the software as a whole. Please read the targeted audience description carefully. Unless a webinar is specifically targeted to new software users, if you are new to the software you may find it better to complete some of the training modules first.

Filtering Data in Remark Office OMR – Wednesday, January 27, 2020, 2:00PM EST

Do you need to create a data set that contains only a specific subset of your collected data so you can generate reports or export just that specific data?  You can do this by creating filters or by utilizing report batches.  This webinar will teach you how to use filters to separate your data into more meaningful data subsets either by manually filtering or by using a report batch.

This webinar is targeted to Intermediate Remark Office OMR users.

Processing Forms in Remark Office OMR – Wednesday, February 10, 2020, 2:00PM EST

New to Remark Office OMR?  Need a refresher on processing completed forms to collect your data?  Join us while we cover scanning vs reading image files, reviewing the various exception types, and discuss saving your collected data.

This webinar is targeted to Beginner Remark Office OMR users.

Speech Recognition in Remark Office OMR – Wednesday, February 24, 2020, 2:00PM EST

Remark Office OMR includes the ability to use speech recognition when running review exceptions. This feature is particularly helpful if you have image regions on your form that have long comments.  Instead of clipping or typing the comments, you can use the Image-Viewer on screen and read the comments into the data grid.  You can also use speech recognition to review other data types during Review Exceptions.  This webinar will explain how to use speech recognition when reviewing exceptions.

This webinar is targeted to Intermediate Remark Office OMR users.

Basic Reporting and Data Export in Remark Quick Stats – Wednesday, March 10, 2020, 2:00PM EST

New to Remark Office OMR?  Need a refresher on running reports and exporting data?  We’ll cover these as well as other reporting basics for both grading and surveying to help you produce reports like a pro.

This webinar is targeted to Beginner Remark Office OMR users.

Using Analysis Groups in Remark Quick Stats – Wednesday, March 24, 2020, 2:00PM EDT

Analysis groups are extremely beneficial for users collecting survey data.  The Analysis Groups feature can be accessed using Advance Survey in Remark products and allows you to create and analyze subsets of questions on your form.  This feature is particularly useful when trying to collect information from different sections of your form that contain like questions (e.g. analyzing instructor and class information from a course evaluation).  We will also cover how to use Analysis Groups with benchmark values and group weights for deeper analysis.  In addition, we will cover the reporting options generated by using Analysis Groups.

This webinar is targeted to Advanced Remark Office OMR users who understand how to use Remark Quick Stats and want to better understand how to use Analysis Groups.  We will be using Remark Office OMR to demonstrate the feature, but this feature can also be used in Remark Classic OMR and Remark Web Survey.

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* Current maintenance and technical support agreement holders may attend any webinar free of charge. Please note that depending on your location, you may incur toll charges for the audio portion of the webinar (a toll-free number is provided, but access varies). There is a $50 charge for participants who are not under support contract at the time of the webinar they choose.

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