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Employee Training

Your organization is only as successful as its employees. Using the Remark products, you can quickly and easily assess employee learning and measure employee satisfaction. In today’s competitive healthcare market, you need to ensure your staff is top notch. Using paper or web-based assessments you can measure employee training effectiveness and retention. You can also better understand how your employees view your organization and where you need to improve in order to retain your high quality staff.

You can design your assessments, surveys and other forms in any word processing application. They can then be printed on plain paper and scanned with an image scanner or multi-function device (printer, scanner, fax). The data is pulled from the forms quickly and accurately. Or, create online forms with Remark Web Survey. You host the forms on your own web server, giving you complete control over your data. You control the design of the form, and can include option such as skip logic, paused and resume functionality, and email reminders. You can export the data to virtually any analysis program or analyze it with the built-in Remark Quick Stats. Our reporting software provides you with item analysis reports, descriptive statistics and cross tabulations. You can view and code open-ended questions. The reports can easily be viewed by special subsets of your respondent population, such as department or trainer.