WARP7 Robotics Team Collecting Scouting Data at Robotics Competitions with Remark Office OMR

Learn about how the WARP7 Team uses Remark Office OMR for collecting scouting data at robotics competitions.

Scoring an Academy Awards Game with Remark Office OMR Software

Find out how an inventive user of the Remark Office OMR software created a fun game for selecting Acadamy Awards winners.

Remark Products in Action: Glenmoore Eagle Little League Player Assessments

Creating fair and balanced little league teams is a very complex process. Glenmoore Eagle Little League strives to create teams with a 50/50 win-to-loss ratio, making the season enjoyable for all the children and parents. In the past this goal was achieved by manually entering talent ratings of every child into a spreadsheet. This was a painstakingly slow process, so three years ago they started using Remark Office OMR® to scan and process player evaluation forms saving an enormous amount of time and effort for the volunteers who perform these functions.

Tallying an NFL Football Pool

The End Zone Bar & Grill is a sports bar that runs both a weekly and an annual NFL football pool. Employees had to manually check the weekly sheets, then sort and enter data from these sheets to keep a tally for the yearly pool. This process was enormously time-consuming, as there were 500-600 sheets per week to be processed.