For over thirty years, the Remark Team has worked with our partners around the world to save customers countless hours with their data collection needs. Today we are happy to announce that in conjunction with our long-time partners at PKI Informationssystems, we have released Remark Office OMR 11 German!

The newly released version of the software is immediately available through PKI. Customers using previous versions with valid software maintenance can download and install the upgrade at no charge. New licenses and upgrades can be purchased from PKI.

Based in Natendorf, Germany, PKI is one of our most senior partners, providing our Remark products to thousands of customers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland since 1997. You can visit PKI at

Remark Office OMR is the world’s leading OMR software package for collecting data from tests, surveys, evaluations, assessments, and many other types of forms. Click here to see more about the Remark 11 upgrade.