Remark Office OMR offers a wide variety of features for collecting and analyzing data. Because the software is a multi-purpose data collection tool, you may find that you have questions about how to utilize certain features to your benefit. This is where having an annual maintenance and support contract will work in your favor!

The Remark Support Team provides a number of free resources for addressing your technical questions. Gravic’s free online knowledgebase outlines responses to frequently asked support inquiries, making this information readily available to you. Additionally, you will find free scannable sample forms, training videos, information on our free form review service, and further training options available in the support area of the Remark Software website. Please note, one-on-one online training is not covered under maintenance and support.

The free offerings are available to all customers; however, certain support items are only provided if you have valid maintenance and support. Remark Support is available for live assistance to customers with valid maintenance and support. You can contact Remark Support from 9 AM – 6 PM, Monday through Friday (EST/EDT), holidays excluded by calling +1.610.647.8595 or emailing [email protected]. We also offer live webinars demonstrating how to use various features of our products just to customers with maintenance and support. You can participate in the interactive webinar or view archived webinars at your leisure.

One of the greatest benefits to having a valid maintenance and support contract for Remark Office OMR (version 2014 or later) is that the service includes all software updates. Gravic recently released Remark Office OMR 2014 Service Pack 5! This update includes:

  • The ability to read in electronically filled-in PDF forms,
  • The option to select specific reports when exporting them to Excel,
  • The Condensed Item Analysis with Statistics and Basic Item Analysis with Statistics Reports are now available when exporting to Excel,
  • Applying partial credit in Advanced Grade for Grid style OMR regions,
  • Running Database Lookup on an open file, allowing you to refresh the data if the lookup information has changed.

Remark Office OMR Service Pack 5 is only available to customers with valid maintenance and support. If you no longer have a valid agreement, we strongly encourage you to renew at this time. Renewing will allow you to download the latest version of the software, receive any updates released prior to your next expiration date, and take advantage of all of the other benefits as outlined in our complete maintenance and support policy.

Please consider staying current with your maintenance and support to ensure you receive the best assistance and stay up-to-date with your software.

For more information on renewing your maintenance and support, please contact Remark Sales at +1.800.858.0860 or email [email protected]. We look forward to serving you!