Gravic’s Remark Team is excited to announce the release of Remark Classic OMR 7! Click here for details.

Free Form Review

Gravic’s Remark Product Group Support Team is always happy to review forms for compatibility with the Remark Office OMR software. Support staff can often find ways to increase form accuracy and divert potential problems during the design process. Take advantage of this free service before printing large quantities of forms or to see if your existing form(s) will work.

Submit a Form for Review

Please fax a copy to Support at +1.610. 647.8771 or email a copy

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A support representative will contact you shortly via fax or email.

Form Design

The key to getting great results with Remark Office OMR begins with a well-designed form. Although Remark Office OMR allows enormous flexibility in form design, adequate layout is crucial to recognizing data from scanned forms. By following a few simple guidelines you can expect great results.