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The Student Grade Report provides a detailed grade report for each student included in the grade operation. You may print these reports and give them to your students, parents or other stakeholders.


The report provides a summary of the students’ answers and grade information from the test. If a benchmark score was defined using the Grade Wizard, you may include a bar chart depicting the student’s score along with the benchmark. If learning objectives were defined using the Grade Wizard, you will see scores for each learning objective in addition to the overall test. Incorrect responses are highlighted in yellow. If subjective questions are included, they are highlighted in orange whenever full credit is not awarded. If extra credit questions are included, they are highlighted in blue. The colors can be customized in the report’s properties (Tools|Report Properties). If the forms were scanned with an OMR/Image scanner and you captured form images during scanning, images of the students’ tests appear with each report.

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