We’re excited to let you know that we’ve launched a new update for Remark Test Grading!

With the ability to administer paper and online tests, coupled with powerful reports, it’s no wonder that Remark Test Grading is a fan favorite in schools and universities around the world. With just a few clicks you can streamline the creation, administration, and grading of tests to your students. You can save time and money, all while ensuring students succeed.

Here’s a quick look at a few highlights of what’s new:

  • Publishing Answer Sheets. When designing new answer sheets at the account level (in the Account Dashboard) you can choose when to publish the answer sheets for other instructors. This feature allows you to design the answer sheet without it being made available to all of your instructors until you are ready. All new answer sheets are unpublished until you decide to publish them.
  • Different number of bubbles in Student ID. You can now specify a different number of bubbles for each digit in a student ID bubble-in grid. For example, suppose your student ID numbers begin with three letters between A-F and end with six numeric values. The letter rows can now have just the letters A-F (as opposed to the entire alphabet) and the number rows can have 0-9.
  • LMS Updates. We made a few updates to our LMS (Learning Management System) integrations:
    – For Canvas customers we added support for scoped connections to Canvas for increased security.
    – For BrightSpace D2L customers we added the ability to specify different types of instructors. You can pull in any role defined in Brightspace D2L when linking classes. This is available for the account administrator to select in the LMS settings.
  • Answer Key Updates. The actions on an answer key were moved to a menu where you can choose the view and select questions.
  • Barcode Update. We updated our barcode recognition to ensure that your test mages all read even if the barcode isn’t perfect.
  • User Profile Information Changes. We consolidated your user profile information in the menu for ease of use and access. When you click your name, you will see separate options for your profile and subscription information, and then the regular menu of actions (e.g. Account Dashboard, Settings, etc.).
  • Class Transfer Option. The explicit ability to transfer a class to another instructor was added to the Class action menu (you need to be an administrator or have permission to update classes at the account level to use this feature).

Make sure to read all of the new features and fixes in the notifications area of the application when you log in.

Thinking of a feature we haven’t added yet?

Then consider suggesting it to us! Please feel free to provide us with as many ideas or suggestions as you want! Often, a Remark Team member will reach out to you to discuss your needs so we can get them on our official development list.

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