May 8th through 12th is Teacher Appreciation Week. We would like to take this opportunity to show our support to the people who help lay the core foundation of knowledge within us. Our beloved teachers! These men and women strive to open doors for their students. They inspire generations of new thinkers and doers of the world. The Remark Team wants to recognize the hard work that these people do every day.

Our initial concept behind each of our Remark products was for the purpose of making the lives of our customers easier. Most of those customers are teachers who are faced with spending countless hours of their personal time grading. Remark Test Grading software is an advanced testing and grading solution designed specifically for educators. The goal of Remark Test Grading is not just to save our educators countless hours grading tests, but to provide actionable data so they can see where student performance is succeeding and lacking. Such information allows them to better understand where to focus their efforts in order to positively impact their students.

So how does Remark Test Grading benefit our educators?

The application allows teachers to create their own custom assessments and quickly distribute them on paper or online. Grades are automatically calculated by either scanning the completed tests or via online submission. This gives the teacher instant access to powerful reports for every class, test, student, and question on the test. Our team works tirelessly so as to make Remark Test Grading the best testing and grading solution on the market by listening to our customers and listening to their feedback to consistently offer exciting new updates to better meet their needs.

With this in mind check out the video below. Watch a real testimonial on how together with, Remark Test Grading improved the life of one Pennsylvania-based high school teacher and social media influencer.

Not yet a grading expert? Find out how!

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