remark test grading cloud update

Last week we released an update to our popular grading application, Remark Test Grading Cloud. Our main focus for this update was keyboard accessibility. We put many nice updates in, including fixing button focus indicators, updating drop-down menus, proper tabbing, and ensuring alt text is available.

In addition to accessibility we made some other nice enhancements:

  • Answer Key Update: You can now see the question and answer text when editing an answer key, making it easier to set up your answer key.
Remark Test Grading Cloud Answer Key
  • Navigation: When editing an answer key from the Reports screen, you are now taken back to the report list when you exit the key.
  • Test List: We updated the list of tests within a class so that the screen would load more quickly.
  • Test Designer: We made a few changes when designing tests, including better indicators of the questions in the list and larger question text boxes when editing question text.

Next time you log in, take a look at the notifications to see all of the updates. As usual, if you have a suggestion please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Not using Remark Test Grading Cloud yet?

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