Remark Internet

Social media, search engines, cyber encyclopedias, and forums with cat memes. It’s hard to imagine we ever got on with our lives before the Internet. Why all the nostalgia? As some sources have noted, the Internet has turned 30 years old this year!

We know a lot about 30th Anniversaries, after all January 15, 2021, was the Remark Team’s 30th anniversary of the very first sale of Remark Office OMR back in 1991, just a few months before the start of the Internet. Since then we’ve gone on to create eleven versions of our flagship software, and during that time we’ve went from selling our software on floppy disks to entirely online starting in 2014.

Floppy disks! Some with a whopping 1.44MB of space!

Today, a majority of the 7 billion people on Earth have access to the Internet. But way back in 1992, there were only a handful of websites that even existed. By 1996, there were approximately two million websites– which is also around the time when we created our very first website! Today, we are spoiled, as we get to choose from over 1.88 billion websites. Some of them, we hear, are even good!

And since COVID-19, Remark has integrated the Internet even more into our product line. For example, our award winning Remark Test Grading Cloud solution enables in-person and online grading, and our new Remark Office OMR 11 release now ties in with web-based ICR engines.

Who knows what course the Internet will take us on over the next 30 years. One thing is for certain though, Remark Software will be there along for the ride!