Remark Test Grading Cloud‘s most recent update brings you a brand new feature we are very excited about: the option for instructors to distribute timed tests to their students. Timed tests allow teachers to create an environment where students must prove they can quickly recall lesson objectives within the specified time limits. Timed tests can also help curb cheating, and keep overall lesson plans on track.

  • Limit the amount of time a student has to complete the test once started: Remark Test Grading Cloud has long allowed teachers to create tests with submission windows. Now teachers can go one step further and set time limits on tests once they are opened. The process is easy; just select any time limit in the online test settings before sending the test to students. And don’t worry… if students do not complete their tests within the specified timeframe, their test is automatically submitted with all of the questions they have completed.

RTGC Time Limit for Tests

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