The Honeoye Falls–Lima Central School District in New York had a very important Board of Education election that included votes on a proposed fifty-three million-dollar school budget, purchasing several new school buses, and selecting new school board members. In the best of times, large elections are a complicated process of creating ballots, following guidelines, and navigating red tape to assure a fair and accurate vote count.

Thanks to COVID-19, these processes were exacerbated by the need for most of the votes to be mail-in ballots. Due to the importance and financial gravity of this election, nothing could be left up to chance. So with time running short, and with a mountain of ballots that needed to be created printed, folded, shipped, received, and tallied on time, The Honeoye Falls–Lima Central School District turned to Remark Software’s Remark Office OMR to save the day!

Check out how such a robust election was made easy thanks to Remark.

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