Whether you’re an administrator, teacher, or both, odds are you’re starting the school year from home. While many of us have somewhat gotten the hang of working remotely, for some of us it may be our first time. The Remark Team has been working from home on and off since the beginning of the pandemic. We have countless connections to schools around the world, many personal connections to teachers in our own lives, and even have a former teacher here on staff. So, in the nature of helping out our friends, family, and customers, here are some of our best tips for being productive while working at home.

  1. Still wake up early enough to get your morning routine done.

Just because you can cut out your morning commute, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still wake up early anyway. Use the time you would normally use waiting for the bus to eat a great breakfast. You may not have to sit in city traffic for an hour, but that time should be used to set up your work station instead. Spend the time you would normally use buying coffee to—well just make your own coffee.

  1. When possible, find a spot in your house without guests. Or, communicate that you’re working.

When working from home, it’s easy to overestimate your ability to tune out distractions. Maybe your roommates or your partner are also working from home. Maybe you have kids in the house who will be remote learning themselves. Whatever the situation, definitely make sure your work station is in your own little corner of the house.

  1. Write down a schedule for your day and stick to it.

When working from home, you don’t necessarily get a set time for lunch. It’s easy to forget to eat, take breaks, or miss meetings and deadlines thanks to poor time management. A part of your morning routine should be to create a schedule for your day, either on a desk calendar or your phone. Be sure to set plenty of reminders for upcoming tasks.

  1. When possible, communicate with coworkers by voice or face-to-face.

The best of us get lonely, even if you don’t realize it. Human beings are social creatures, even the biggest introverts eventually need interaction with another person. If possible, set up a video call, or just a phone call to get extra people time that emails just can’t match. You will find your day brighter immediately afterward.

  1. Just because you’re working from home, doesn’t mean you have to take work home.

Setting up a makeshift workstation in your bedroom doesn’t mean your bedroom is now your office. When you close your laptop, make sure that your work stays closed with it. It’s very easy when working from home to forget that your home is supposed to be where you unwind from the day and relax from the stresses of your job.

While not an all-encompassing list, these tips will quickly improve your productivity and mood.

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