Did you know that along with tests, quizzes, and evaluations, Remark Office OMR can also process your paper surveys? Nothing in education happens in a vacuum, and with potentially hundreds of students and adults in your school, even a slight change can be dramatic. That’s why surveys can be a helpful gauge of your students’ feelings, the pulse of parents, your staff’s satisfaction, and much more! Surveys are beneficial for coaches of a sports team, sponsors of extracurricular clubs, student governments trying to address new changes, or committees planning anything from homecoming to prom. Thankfully, Remark Office OMR makes it easier than ever to create, distribute, and collect your critical data to generate brilliantly organized reports.

Take the example of WestEd, a non-profit dedicated to improving education across America and abroad. When they wanted to track the number of students who have college aspirations over a five year period, they used Remark Office OMR to make it easy. Or the example of Visalia Unified School District’s Technological Services, who were in charge of tabulating 2,015 surveys returned from 28 schools. Even though the survey was not originally designed with OMR scanning in mind, Remark Office OMR allowed them to process their surveys and analyze the valuable information in a timely and organized manner. Likewise, The National Association for College Admission (NACA), conducts an annual Counseling Trends Survey to a group of 10,000 high schools. Without Remark Office OMR and Remark Web Survey, the project took months to complete. But now, it has been made easier than ever.

Let’s say you are a sponsor for your after-school robotics club. You may want to consider conducting surveys to make your team excel. Perhaps when the students first show up, you use a survey to find out their prior knowledge of robotics in order to fine tune your lessons to them. Or maybe you use a survey to find out more about your students, such as their goals and reasons for joining your club. Maybe you have a survey sent home with your students to find out the level parents are willing to participate. Perhaps you have students’ complete evaluations on your performance, to see what you can improve upon or whether or not they’re proud of the work they’ve done. Don’t just take our word for it, check out how Warp 7, a high school robotics team in Toronto, used Remark Office OMR to evaluate their competition and future partners.

On our website you will find a variety of sample forms used across multiple industries that can be used as a basis for creating your own surveys. Alternatively you can start from scratch as needed in Word, Excel, Google Docs and other word processing programs, and easily incorporate our bubble and barcode fonts into your forms for a more polished look. As an added bonus, these fonts automatically install in your Windows font directory when you install Remark Office OMR. The beauty of Remark Office OMR is the flexibility of the forms it can process; you design and print your own survey forms, so they can fit any and all needs. Be sure to review our form design guidelines before getting started and feel free to take advantage of our free form review service prior to printing large quantities.

If you’re interested in Remark Office OMR, you can try it out now. If you prefer, we can walk you through a webinar and discuss your needs, just sign up for a webinar here. Follow our Twitter page for updates and offers, or subscribe to our YouTube channel to see videos on Remark Office OMR.