We realize the importance of providing students prompt, useful feedback regarding their assessments. Students cannot be expected to improve without knowing the areas that need improvement. This is why we are constantly searching for ways to provide and deliver this important information.

With a recent update to Remark Test Grading Cloud, we have created a new report called the Student Feedback Report. This new report provides a student’s results on the overall test, individual selected questions, as well as any learning objectives created for the test. In addition to the results, the report also displays any teacher feedback for individual questions or the test as a whole. Teachers can provide students feedback on their entire test, when grading open responses, or on individual questions when reviewing the data. The Student Feedback Report provides a nice, condensed report for students to see what they need to know.

Like all of our reports, the Student Feedback Report is available instantly after grading! You can download it and any other reports as a PDF file for easy sharing with others.

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