We have big news! With our latest update to Remark Test Grading Cloud, we have added a Connector with Canvas LMS by Instructure. Now you can pull your student rosters into Remark Test Grading Cloud without importing first. When you create tests in Remark, you can sync them back to an assignment in Canvas. Once the tests are graded, just click a button to send the grades back to Canvas. It’s all seamless; no more importing and exporting of files!

Remark Test Grading Cloud Canvas Integration

Watch the video below to learn more about the Remark Canvas Connector and how it further simplifies the grading process.

The Canvas Connector for Remark Test Grading Cloud is an add-on to your subscription. The Connector requires administrator level access to your Canvas instance in order to be set up. Once set up, each individual instructor simply needs a Canvas account to sync classes and tests. This feature requires administrator access to Canvas; therefore it is only available as part of a school, building, or department license and not on individual teacher accounts.

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If you are an existing customer and would like to use the Canvas Connector please contact us.

For more information on Canvas by Instructure please visit their website.

Canvas is a registered trademark of Instructure.