Remark Test Grading CloudWhen grading tests, teachers often encounter two main sources of frustration: limited information is returned and the process is time-consuming. A quick overall score doesn’t tell you what areas the students understand, and grading well-constructed tests by hand is an arduous task. Teachers already spend so much of their time teaching the material; they shouldn’t have to spend just as much time grading tests. This is why we created Remark Test Grading Cloud.

Remark Test Grading Cloud was developed using the same industry-leading technology that created Remark Office OMR. Since 1991, our Remark products have been used by educators worldwide to grade hundreds of millions of tests. You can be sure you are trusting a team with extensive experience!

Remark Test Grading Cloud is streamlined for easy teacher use. The application allows you to create custom tests that are as simple or as detailed as you wish. These tests are printed on plain paper using any printer, and scanned for grading using any image scanner or copier. If there are any questionable responses submitted (such as crossed out answers), you can correct the data on screen while viewing an image of the filled-out form. You can also add feedback to a student for any question on the test.

Once the tests are collected and graded, you can view our built-in reports that show student, class, and item performance. If needed, you can also conduct advanced grading without having to re-scan the tests; such as changing question weights, adding or changing correct answers, changing grade scales, and grouping similar questions to form learning objectives. You also have the option to send the grades to your learning management system or export the raw data to a common format, such as CSV or Excel.

Watch the video below to see an overview of Remark Test Grading Cloud.

You can try Remark Test Grading Cloud for yourself by requesting a trial version. You can also request a webinar to view a live, detailed demonstration of the application.