We are pleased to announce that the latest update of Remark Test Grading Cloud is now available! The updated version includes the ability to grade student test forms without first having to specify a class roster. In this mode, Remark test Grading Cloud clips the students’ handwritten names from the answer sheets and displays them on the reports. This feature is great for organizations who don’t typically use student rosters. When you create a class, you can specify whether or not your class has a roster. Check out the video below to see this feature in action.

Please note that when using this feature, if you export grades, there is no student identifier associated with the grade. Grades are listed in the order in which the students appear in Remark Test grading Cloud. Students are also not added to the system.

In addition to the this new feature there are several other updates:

  • Emailing Student Reports: An issue was fixed where student reports were not emailed when using multiple versions of a test.
  • Test Names with Slashes (/): An issue was fixed when emailing data files when the test has a slash in the name (e.g. Spanish Test 6/2). The slash was being replaced with other characters in the body of the email.
  • Deleting a Key: If you have multiple test versions and delete one of the answer keys after grading, the data would previously still show up for any students who had already been processed. Now you will see an “Invalid Version” flag, as the version’s answer key no longer exists.
  • Adding Students After Grading: With the new “rosterless” class option, you can no longer add students after you upload tests. Students are either rostered or not rostered. If you are using a rostered class, you will need to add any missing students to the roster before you grade tests.

We continue to add features to the product that are requested by our customers. If you have something you would like to see in the product please contact our product management team at [email protected] If you are using the product and want to write a review please submit one here.