We have been working very hard at a new Remark Test Grading Cloud release and are excited to announce that it is now live! There are so many awesome new features that we don’t know where to begin! Some of the highlights include:

  • An updated form designer that lets you include images, labels, new bubble shapes, question text,  and answer text. Your forms have never looked better!
  • Custom Grade Scales so that you can define your own scale at both the overall test and learning objectives levels.
  • Grade tests right when you log into the application through the new Grade Test option right on the home screen. No need to select a class and test first!
  • Streamlined process for adding learning objectives to your tests… fewer clicks are always better!
  • Email fillable PDF test answer sheets to students, have them take the test, and then have them email them right back to the cloud for grading. Nothing to print!
  • And so many more…

When you log into Remark Test Grading Cloud be sure to click the notifications icon to see all of the new features and enhancements. We will highlight some of the features in our blog over the next few weeks to show them to you in action.

As always keep the suggestions coming so we can make Remark Test Grading Cloud the very best product it can be!

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