Canon DR-M160 IIWe are periodically asked about the compatibility of various image scanners with our Remark Solutions: Remark Office OMR and Remark Test Grading. These products can work with image scanners directly, through an image scanner’s TWAIN driver or can read image files (Tiff, PDF, JPG) created from any imaging device (multifunction printer, image scanner, camera app).

We see many different types of scanners in our office, so we try to share some information on these scanners when we can. Today we will discuss the Canon DR-M160 II.

The Canon DR-M160 II scans up to 60 pages per minute and has a 60 page feeder. We recently used the Canon DR-M160 II to scan several thousand session evaluation forms at a conference, and it performed well scanning directly into Remark Office OMR. We did the evaluation form scanning right in our booth at the conference. We scanned and analyzed several thousand session evaluations during the two days at the show. The conference sessions evaluations were collected in batches so we were able to utilize the adding data on the fly feature to automatically input the session information for each batch of forms. This allowed the conference organizers to use a generic form for their session evaluations to simplify their printing and distribution process. The conference organizers collected the evaluation forms from each session and placed them in there own manila envelopes with the session information on them. When we received the envelopes we  loaded a batch into the scanner and added in the session information for that batch. Remark Office OMR adds that session information to each record for that batch. We then repeated this for all of the session forms.

We created a master data file that contains the data for all of the conference sessions. We were then able to provide individual session analysis reports by running a batch report that automatically filters the data by session ID and generates individual report PDFs, which can be distributed to the session presenters.

One thing to note when scanning with the Canon DR-M160 II scanner: make sure to turn on the invert image option in the Remark Office OMR scanner properties when using this scanner (otherwise your scanned images will look like they are black with white text). You can see the scanner’s full specifications here.

Looking to see if your scanner if compatible with Remark Office OMR and Remark Test Grading? You can test out your scanner with one of our free product demos.