One of the best features about Remark Office OMR is the ability to create your own forms, which gives you a great deal of flexibility. However, when creating a form to use with Remark Office OMR, there are a few guidelines to follow to ensure accurate results. Here are some recommendations to follow when designing your forms:

  • Forms can be created anywhere including: Microsoft Word & Excel, Google Docs, Adobe InDesign & Illustrator.
  • Use the OMR bubbles font to create bubbles, or use a capital “O” in the Arial font between 10 and 14 points in height.
  • Text to be read by the OCR feature should be a standard font (e.g. Times New Roman, Arial) and size 14 or above. Barcodes to be read should be size 26 or above.
  • Allow sufficient spacing (at least 3/8 inch) between text, lines, graphics, text, bubbles, or barcodes.
  • Avoid lines or boxes around or between answer choices, if possible. If lines or boxes are necessary, consider using a light gray color that will disappear when scanned.
  • Group similar types of questions together (e.g. True/False, multiple choice) in order to simplify defining the OMR region when you create your Remark template definition. The marks of a region must be aligned horizontally and vertically.
  • Standard 20# copier paper works well for single-sided forms, and 24-28# paper works well for double-sided forms. Color paper also works with Remark Office OMR, as long as the color completely drops out when it is scanned.

Before distributing your form, always test it with the software. Please check out our full list of form design best practices and make sure to take advantage of our free form review service. We have many different sample forms available that have been tested with Remark Office OMR for you to view or edit for your own use.

Happy form creating!