We are pleased to share a five part video series reviewing the custom answer sheet designer available in Remark Test Grading for Windows. You can create your own custom test answer sheets by selecting the number of questions, types of questions, and answer options. Add multiple choice questions with various response options. Include True and False questions with only two bubble options. Add larger bubble fields for matching questions. Have a math test, no problem! Just include some math bubble-in grids, which allows students to bubble-in fractions, decimals, and negative numbers. Include a graphing background in your subjective regions, allowing students to draw graphs right on their answer sheets for easy teacher grading. Add a variety of open-ended areas for essays, short answer, or other write in style questions. Teachers can also customize the header and footer of their test answer sheets. Allow students an option to bubble-in their student ID or have your custom answer sheets automatically include student names for simple distribution.

Test Answer Sheet with multiple choice, true-false, matching and math grid-in questionsTest Answer Sheet with graphing, essay and short answer








All answer sheets can be printed on any printer; there is no need for special paper. Completed answer sheets can be scanned on any image scanner or multi-function printer. Teachers no longer have to wait in line to use the school’s grading machine. Free your school from expensive answer sheets and outdated, single purpose grading hardware!

You can access the full five part video series here:
1) Overview: https://youtu.be/BiT5_IGVU-Y
2) Header and Footer: https://youtu.be/DqRjYFhHuEE
3) Multiple Choice Questions: https://youtu.be/1LGZOP8EfbY
4) Math Questions: https://youtu.be/NAIKytpgJos
5) Subjective Questions: https://youtu.be/de-HwrXzd2M

We hope you enjoy!

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