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Support Training Videos

Remark Office OMR

TutorialTutorial 1 – Test GradingWatch
TutorialTutorial 2 – SurveyWatch

Getting Started

BeginnerForm Design Best Practices for Remark Office OMRWatch
BeginnerCreating a Likert Scale with Bubble Answer Choices in Microsoft Word for Remark OfficeWatch
BeginnerCreating a Multiple Choice Test Answer Sheet in Microsoft Word for Remark OfficeWatch
BeginnerCreating a Training Evaluation Form in Microsoft Word for Remark OfficeWatch
BeginnerCreating a Safety Observation Form in Microsoft Word for Remark OfficeWatch


BeginnerBasic Template Creation in Remark Office OMRWatch
BeginnerKnowing which OMR Region Type to UseWatch
BeginnerUsing Image Regions in Remark Office OMRWatch
BeginnerBarcodes and OCR in Remark OfficeWatch
BeginnerHelpful Template Editor Tools in Remark Office oMRWatch

Processing Forms/Remark Quick Stats (Analysis)

BeginnerPart 2 – The Data Center and Remark Quick StatsWatch
BeginnerUsing Review Exceptions in Remark Office OMRWatch
BeginnerProcessing Fillable PDF Forms in Remark Office OMRWatch
BeginnerUsing Quick Grade to Grade TestsWatch
BeginnerUsing Quick Survey to Report on Survey DataWatch
BeginnerApplying Partial Credit when Grading TestsWatch
BeginnerRemark Office OMR Recognition Troubleshooting TipesWatch
IntermediateReport Preferences in Remark Quick StatsWatch
IntermediateReport Batches in Remark Office OMRWatch
IntermediateCustom Report Headers in Remark Quick StatsWatch
IntermediateUsing Scaled Scores with Grading in Remark Office OMRWatch

Advanced Features

AdvancedCombining Data Files in Remark Office OMRWatch
AdvancedAutomatic Form, Page and Respondent Identification in Remark Office OMRWatch
AdvancedUsing Batch Headers in Remark Office OMRWatch
AdvancedUsing Database Lookup to Validate and Add Data to your Data SetWatch
AdvancedWorking with Pre Post Data in Remark Office OMRWatch
AdvancedWorking with a Survey in Multiple Languages with Remark Office OMRWatch
AdvancedUsing Custom Data Transform and the Custom Text Export in ROOWatch
AdvancedUsing Automation Control Center in Remark Office OMRWatch

Application Settings

IntermediateApplication Preferences for Customizing the Remark Office OMR SoftwareWatch
IntermediateRemark Office OMR Analysis PreferencesWatch