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Below you will find links to product documentation for Remark Office OMR, including user’s guides, tutorials, and white papers covering the Remark Quick Stats reporting features.

Remark Office OMR Tutorial Files

Remark Office OMR v11

The tutorials provide step-by-step directions teaching you how to use Remark Office OMR for processing basic forms.

Remark Office OMR Demo Version

If you are using a demo version of Remark Office OMR, the tutorials below provide step-by-step instructions for a survey or a testing application.

Remark Office OMR 11 Quick Start and User’s Guides

In order to get started with the software we have Quick Start guides to show you the basics. For any questions that arise while using the software we have our full user’s guide.

The Quick Start Guides give an overview of using Remark Quick Stats with either a survey or a test.

The full user’s guide for using Remark Office OMR:

Remark Office OMR 11 User’s Guide

Remark Quick Stats Documentation

Remark Quick Stats is the reporting module within Remark Office OMR. We have a user’s guide as well as white papers on the Remark Quick Stats module and other product features.

The full user’s guide for Remark Quick Stats analysis in Remark Office OMR:

Remark Quick Stats User Guide

Remark Office OMR 10 Product Documentation

The Remark Support Team still offers support for Remark Office OMR v10 to those with a valid software maintenance agreement. If you are using version 10, we highly recommend you upgrade to version 11 at this time. As a service, below is the documentation for the old Remark Office OMR version 10 software.

Remark Office OMR Software

The full user’s guide for using Remark Office OMR v10:

Remark Office OMR 10 User‘s Guide

The full user’s guide for using the Remark Quick Stats analysis in Remark Office OMR v10:

Remark Office OMR 10 Quick Stats User’s Guide

License Agreements and Other Documentation

Click the links below to view the End User License Agreement, VPAT, and other important documents.

Remark End User License Agreement

Remark Office OMR VPAT

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