This is a sample of a Safety Assessment form designed in Microsoft Word to be used with Remark Office OMR.

Safety Assessment Form for Remark Office OMR

This assessment can be used to gauge the level of safety in a workplace. You may print blank copies of this form, have them filled in and scan with an image scanner, or upload the provided image files of pre-filled out forms if you do not have a scanner available. The Word document and sample demo files including a Remark Office OMR template file can be downloaded below. To view this correctly in Word, you need to first download and install our OMR Bubble Font. You can find this font here. Please note that if you modify this form, you will need to modify the template to use it in Remark Office OMR. Download a free trial of Remark Office OMR to try it out for yourself.


Free Downloads!

PDF version of form

Microsoft Word document

OMR Bubble font for Microsoft Word

Demo files for use with Remark Office OMR

Working trial of Remark Office OMR

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