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Data collection and analysis software for surveys, tests and other plain paper forms. You create your own forms that are scanned with an image scanner or copier.

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English version released June 2021

New Features and Enhancements:

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  • *Read Handwritten Responses with Microsoft Azure Computer Vision Account: If you have a Microsoft Azure Computer Vision account, you can link to it and recognize handwritten information using its engine. The ability to read handwriting is referred to as ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition). (Microsoft Azure Computer Vision is a separate charge from Remark Office OMR.)
  • Handwritten response example for Remark Office OMR
  • Upgraded OCR: The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine used for reading machine printed text was upgraded for better recognition. Additionally, if you have a Microsoft Azure Computer Vision account, you can link it to Remark and recognize typewritten information using its engine. (Microsoft Azure Computer Vision is a separate charge from Remark Office OMR.)
  • *Optimization Enhancements: A feature was added to assist with optimizing the software for larger operations. In addition, the initial load time for the product was enhanced.

Template Editor:

  • *Associated Questions: You can associate a response to a previous question to determine whether the question should be read. For example, if you have a multiple-choice question that has an “Other” response, Remark will only read the handwritten “Other” response if the “Other” bubble is chosen. In addition, you can merge an open response with its related multiple-choice question so that the write-in response becomes part of the multiple-choice question. In the previous example, the “Other” responses become part of the original question when analyzing the data.
  • Associated field example for Remark Office OMR
  • Data Formatting: Robust formatting was added for defining how you want your processed data to look. Establish patterns for commonly used formats such as dates, phone numbers, social security numbers, and more. Or add characters to the data that were not represented on the form (e.g. respondents fill in a two-digit date and you pre-pend the “20”).
  • Date Field example for Remark Office OMR
  • *Flagging Too Few Multiple Responses: An option was added to the Template Editor for defining the minimum number of selections for Multiple and List type OMR regions. If a response is below the minimum, the MULT flag is applied when reading forms.
  • *Database Lookup Added to Prompt for Fill: When using the Prompt for Fill feature to “Add Data on the Fly” during the reading process, you can now pull that information from a database (as opposed to only being able to type information).
  • *Validate & Transform Data: Allows you to validate what is found in your data. Optionally, turn exception flags on or off, enter new data, or clear data for desired questions. This powerful new tool allows you to transform your data to your specific requirements. The possibilities are unlimited!
  • Creating Fillable PDFs: You can now save a template as a fillable PDF file (for electronic distribution) from the Template Editor. Fillable PDF files can be distributed to respondents via email or posted on a website, and then emailed back for processing.

Data Center:

  • *New Scanning Modes: A “Transfer Mode” option was added to assist with fast transferring of images from high end scanners.
  • *Add Additional Fields in the Custom Data Export: When using the custom data export you can now add data fields that are not part of the template.
  • *Column Names in Custom Export: An option to choose whether to include question names as well as their associated delimiter have been added to the configuration step of the custom text export.
  • General Ease of Use Updates for Custom Data Export: Disabled the update button record count button if the number of records did not change, ensured the first record is selected by default, allow for multiple record selection using Ctrl key, and clarified the add/split button text and availability based on the selection.

Remark Quick Stats:

  • Incorrect Response Report: An Incorrect Response Report was added to show detailed information about questions that were answered incorrectly on a test, helping you understand where students struggled the most.
  • *Exporting Multiple Respondent Identifiers in Excel Report: When exporting reports to the Excel format, if you have more than one respondent identifier (e.g. name and student ID) they will be placed in separate columns.
  • *Learning Objectives Update: The following reports now have a preference to show the overall score and/or the learning objectives: 101 Student Statistics Report, 102 Comparative Grade Report, 103 Class Frequency Distribution, 104 Student Score Histogram Report, 107 Demographic Grade Report, 112 Student Achievement Report, 150 Student Grade Report.
  • *Label Updates in Reports: The ability to customize the following labels was added to the Item Analysis Reports and Ballot Response Report: Objectives, Invalid Response, Multiple Responses and No Response.
  • *Student Response Report Update: An option was added to the Student Response Report that allows the user to choose between displaying the response text and the points awarded.
  • *Item Analysis Report Update: The Item Analysis reports no longer shows duplicate responses.
  • Test Analysis Report Updates: The Test Analysis Report has been updated to be more user friendly with a cleaner layout.
  • *Score Histogram Report Updates: The raw totals have been added to the Score Histogram Report.


  • *Prompt for Fill Checkbox Not Working: The “Prompt for Fill” checkbox in the Template Editor was not holding its setting and is now fixed.
  • *Error with Linked Regions: A compile error was corrected when joining certain region types together in the Template Editor.
  • *Editing Properties for Linked Regions: A problem was fixed where certain settings were not being updated when setting them for a linked region.
  • *Warning Message for Invalid Form Identifiers: A warning message was added when trying to save a template that has invalid identifiers (form, page or respondent).

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