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We’re back with another quick Remark Test Grading update, and this time we’re excited to introduce some fantastic features that will enhance your test-building experience. Let’s dive right in!

Test Designer Preview Update

Building tests just got even more flexible! With the latest update, you can now toggle the test designer between a paper and online test preview option. This allows you to seamlessly switch between the two modes while constructing your test, giving you a real-time glimpse of how your questions will appear in different formats.

Online Test Preview

Distributing online tests has never been smoother. The “Online Test Preview” feature now displays the test exactly as it will appear to your students, including questions that were excluded from your answer key and multiple versions of the test. This enhancement ensures that you can confidently present your online tests, knowing that students will have a seamless testing experience after we provide you with a clear and accurate representation of what your students will be seeing during testing.

Optimization for Large Tests

We understand the challenges that come with handling large tests, especially those packed with numerous pages and images. In response to your feedback, we’ve made significant improvements behind the scenes. These changes are designed to reduce the size of large tests, making the application more responsive as you build them. Enjoy a smoother and more efficient test-building process, even when dealing with extensive content.

Improved Bubble Recognition

We know life isn’t perfect so we’ve also enhanced bubble recognition under the covers to help read those real world forms, particularly when it comes to forms filled in with light pencil marks.

When you log into Remark be sure to read the notifications for all of the new enhancements.

Thank you for choosing Remark Test Grading!. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Happy testing!

We’re committed to continuously improving based on valuable customer feedback. These updates aim to make your experience more user-friendly, responsive, and tailored to your needs. As always, your satisfaction is our priority. If you have a suggestion for a new feature, let us know by clicking the button below!

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