Each summer, Gravic invites a select group of individuals to participate in a mutually-beneficial internship program. Throughout the summer, each intern will be given unique tasks and opportunities to help cultivate their knowledge from prior skillsets or classes. In return, Gravic assists each intern throughout the process with an end goal of providing valuable experiences for all involved. We are pleased to welcome the following interns to the Gravic family for the Summer of 2022.


Adam is an upcoming junior at the University of Maryland majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. This summer, Adam will be interning as a Remark Development intern. Throughout his internship, Adam hopes to contribute and learn in an established business environment, while using real-world data in a proper and ethical way. So far, Adam has appreciated how authentic each employee has been and especially enjoys bonding with his co-workers at lunch and other breaks. When not at Gravic or in the classroom, Adam can be found skateboarding around town or playing video games such as Rocket League. A fun fact about Adam is that he is left-handed. We look forward to working with Adam this summer and welcome him to the Gravic team!


Josh, a prior intern with Gravic since 2018, is currently working towards his Masters in Information Science from Pennsylvania State University at Great Valley. Josh graduated from Penn State Brandywine with a major in Information Science and a minor in Game Development. This summer, Josh will be interning in the Remark Quality Assurance department. Additionally, Josh has previously interned with Shadowbase Quality Assurance. Josh hopes to bolster his experience and knowledge under Tom this summer, and has thoroughly enjoyed how easy it is to communicate with all his colleagues in the past. Specifically, Josh appreciates how eager each employee is to help out with problems that arise in programming. Outside of work, Josh enjoys playing video games and has recently taken strides in attempting 3D modeling with the computer software Blender. An interesting fact about Josh is that he can play the piano. We are thrilled to have Josh back in the Gravic family this summer!  


Isaac is currently an upcoming sophomore at Boston University. At BU, Isaac is pursuing a Computer Science Degree. During the summer, Isaac will be interning as a Remark Development intern. Throughout his internship, Isaac is looking to gain practical experience with tools such as Power BI, Microsoft Excel, and other developmental programs. Besides the amazing hospitality the people at Gravic have shown Isaac so far, Isaac has enjoyed the fruit punch canisters and other amenities that Gravic offers to its employees daily. Besides working and programming, Isaac enjoys playing the piano, badminton, and Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo Switch. A fun fact about Isaac is that his Latin teacher for all four years at Great Valley High School is Victor Beruttiā€™s (Senior Vice President of Gravic) wife! We are pleased to have Isaac join Gravic this summer!

Pictured (From left to right): Adam, Josh, and Isaac