Google Docs is one of the most popular online word processing applications on the planet. Why is it so popular? Well, it is free… But it is also quite powerful and intuitive, making it useful for lots of tasks. One thing it’s great for is creating scannable forms that you can use with Remark Office OMR . You can make surveys, tests, evaluations, assessments, attendance records, healthcare forms… you name it! You might be thinking, “Wow I can do all this? But how?” So, to help you get started, we created the video below to teach you how to create a simple scannable survey in Google Docs!

We hope you enjoy the video and it opens doors for all that you can create for your own data collection needs!

Pro Tip: As mentioned in the video, you can create a blank Google Doc by simply typing “Document.New” into your search bar and hitting “enter.”

Want to learn more?

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