As schools open up all around the country, it is inevitable that some schools have outbreaks of COVID-19. But this doesn’t have to be the fate of all schools. With rapid testing, self-monitoring, and quick mitigation protocols, schools can lower their risks.

One tool each school needs in its arsenal is parental cooperation. COVID-19 isn’t just a battle to be fought inside the school, but it must be fought at home as well. While each school will want to create their own documentation and forms, today Remark Software is putting forth two sample documents that can go home to parents full of helpful information paired with a symptom checklist that our Remark Office OMR software can easily read and document. Simply click both documents to open a PDF version of both files.

Do you have your own requirements for a document similar to this one that your school would like to use? Do you need assistance, tips, or professional advice on which type of forms will work best for your unique situation? Then contact Remark Software at [email protected] to discuss your needs and get the help you can trust and need.