It is easy to combine data sets in Remark Office OMR for analysis. However, you must remember that you can only combine data sets that are associated with the same template file (.OMR), and the template file has not changed in the process of collecting the data sets.

First, open your template file (.OMR) in the Remark Data Center. Then, you will open the associated data set into the Remark Data Center. Repeat opening the additional data sets you want to combine. Each data set will open into its own tab in the Data Center grid.

Click on the “Analysis” tab (for Remark Quick Stats) and either choose “Advanced Grade” or “Advanced Survey,” depending on the data you are working with.

The Data Sets window will appear for you to review your open data sets and to select the data sets that you want to combine for analysis.

The Remark Quick Stats window will then open, and you can generate reports based on the combined data sets or export the combined data sets for use outside of the Remark Office OMR software.

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