Leaders everywhere are currently feeling the many pains of the global COVID crisis.

What is one of the biggest hurdles we are all grappling with?

How in the world will we reopen in a way that makes our customers, staff, community, and retailers feel safe enough to plunge into a new normal?

Increasingly, industry leaders from all over our economy are turning to online solutions like Remark Web Survey to investigate and analyze this very question.

Remark Web Survey allows you to quickly design, post, and collect data from your very own unique surveys. With Remark, privacy is important. That is why you host these surveys yourself — you own your data.

Post surveys anywhere on your website, and email them to your respondents. Ask your respondents to complete them anonymously or by name, and then analyze the data multiple ways with easily shareable print out reports.

Maybe your customers want to rank what they believe are the most important safety measures. Ask your employees how they feel about a range of reopening options. Or, just ask your community what you can do to help.

For users of our Remark Office OMR solution, Remark Web Survey can be used in conjunction. Convert your paper OMR forms directly into online surveys, and watch as your data combines easily.

Right now, we are entering a new normal that not everyone is prepared for. Make sure that you, as a leader, are making informed decisions based on the best available data.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and to learn more about Remark Web Survey. To see this solution in action, consider signing up for a live webinar.