Remark Office OMR’s uses are limited only by your imagination. Nowhere is there a better example than the complex and ever evolving medical field. In any area of this field, there is an abundance of patient information that needs to be collected before, during, and after each visit. Remark Office OMR makes collecting this information a breeze, and can be used to easily and instantly read patient satisfaction surveys, health histories, registration forms, health screening forms, patient evaluations, research studies, hospital menus, and much more. Remark also assures the respect of privacy, because at no point during this process do we collect, read, or send any information whatsoever. This article provides a broad overview of Remark Office OMR uses in healthcare, along with various examples of how our solution has been used in the real world to better our collective wellness worldwide.

Epidemiology is the branch of medicine that deals with the incidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases and other factors relating to health. In the field of epidemiological studies, information is often collected through very carefully crafted surveys. Using these surveys, you can track and analyze numerous and enormous amounts of data involving diseases. When Dr.  Jerry Bean of The Evaluation Support Group, Inc. had an issue processing thousands of surveys to further his Epidemiological study, he knew to turn immediately to Remark. Of his time with Remark, Dr. Bean said, “Remark Office OMR has been an indispensable component of our needs assessment process. With a reasonably fast, duplex scanner we can enter a school’s data in a day or less. This rapid data entry helps us get data back to… community partners to inform critical planning and action discussions.”

When a large public hospital in São Paulo, Brazil had an issue with quickly reading and analyzing anesthesia forms, they turned to Remark as well. These forms are vitally important, and are always filled out by doctors before surgical procedures. This process was completed by hand before Remark, slowly typing the data into Excel so they could generate the statistical data needed. For obvious reasons, this process was extremely time-consuming and subject to typing errors. After the form was adjusted, and the Remark Office OMR software was implemented, the process became quick, reliable, and automated. Remark now extracts the information for them, and exports the data directly into the Excel format they need.

And when Stephanie had to make sure that her hospital’s Patient Care Services program was efficient and helpful, on top of meeting strict regulations set by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, she turned to Remark Office OMR, too. Before discovering our solution, Stephanie’s department created Microsoft Word documents with data that had to be tallied by hand before transferring elsewhere. The chart audits used to take several weeks to complete because she had to tally them by hand. Now she says, “I can have a report finished in just one day!” Stephanie went on to say, “I would and have recommended your software to several departments in my organization. It makes my job so much more easy and efficient.”

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