Electronic Bubble Sheets (fillable PDF forms) are often used in place of official paper documents when completing important paperwork via the web. Electronic Bubble Sheets (fillable PDFs) can be created using most existing document types, including scanned paper documents, non-interactive PDF forms, spreadsheets, and Microsoft Word documents.

Electronic Bubble Sheets can be accessed over the Internet or via email. If an Electronic Bubble Sheet includes form fields (for example, text fields, buttons, list boxes), you can fill in the form on-screen with an Acrobat product (including Adobe Reader, Acrobat 3D, Acrobat Professional, or Acrobat Standard). These forms must still adhere to our Remark form design best practices.

When importing Electronic Bubble Sheets into Remark Office OMR, there are recognition settings you can adjust should certain problems occur. One of these recognition settings is “Flatten fillable form fields on PDF images.” If you are reading digitally-filled PDF document files, you must turn on this checkbox. Flattening the PDF forces the data from the fillable items, such as bubbles and checkboxes, to be included in the PDF file.

To set globally in Remark, under Tools|Recognition Settings|Default Settings|Image Processing or under Tools|Recognition Settings|Template Settings|Image Processing, mark the checkbox next to “Flatten fillable form field on PDF images.” You can also access these settings from the Read window when processing images. The adjusted settings apply to your next Read operation and stay in place until you change them again.

Before adjusting settings in Image Processing Attributes, remember to determine whether you want to adjust them for the software globally (in Default Settings) or just for the active OMR form template file only (in Template Settings).

We hope you find this feature useful. Please contact Remark Support for assistance with converting your Remark Office OMR forms to Electronic Bubble Sheets (fillable PDF forms). Remark Support is available at [email protected] and +1.610.647.8595.