One feature that sets Remark Office OMR apart from other solutions is our flexible and superior optical mark recognition technology. Though we encourage marks to be filled in as correctly and completely as possible, we realize that forms will not always be returned as such. We take great pride in being able to accurately collect data from forms that are filled out with all kinds of marks.

The best type of mark to ensure accurate results would be one that fills the bubble completely and stays inside the border. However, Remark Office OMR has consistently been able to accurately read forms that have been filled out with check marks, lines through bubbles, X’s through bubbles, partially filled-in bubbles, and even circles around the bubbles. Not only can Remark Office OMR read several different types of marks, but the software can also read forms filled out with a wide variety of writing instruments. Forms can be filled out using pens, pencils, markers, crayons, paint, etc. – if it can create a dark mark, Remark Office OMR can read the data.

Watch the video below to see examples of how Remark Office OMR reads data from a multitude of marks.

To see Remark Office OMR’s fantastic mark recognition for yourself, you can download a free demo version. You can also request a live webinar to see an in-depth presentation tailored to your individual data collection needs.